I am a film maker based in Vienna who lives his passion. I am the owner of the company, creator, director, editor and DOP. I am the one in charge of every aspect of the filming process. I love telling love stories and capturing emotions. I get inspired by watching thousands of Wedding Films from creators all over the world. I love films that are not just documentations of the wedding day but creations of art combined with great story telling and music. I specially look up to the creations of master film makers like Philip White and Richard Leng. 



Coming from a background in marketing working as a business client manager for media agencies for many years I got infected by Georges love about Wedding Films. My part is being in the background and doing marketing and advertising work for the company. I love watching Wedding Films with George and get inspired by other creators. In the future I want to do more camera and editing work, but at the time our two boys keep me busy at the weekends.



We are George and Irene, who are married to each other for more then a decade. Togehter with our two sons Nico and Enzo we are a crazy family. We all love nature and travelling, especially the sea side. Thats why we love Destination-Weddings in beautyfull places all over the world. We love to cremt Wedding Films for our couples, but we are sad that we don't have a Wedding Film of our own wedding. Too bad that at this time Wedding Films were just  documentaries of the wedding day  and no creations of art like they can be today. We would love to tell your story and capture an authentic, emotional and cinematic film for you and your loved ones.


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