Why did you want to capture your Dürnstein Wedding on video?

It’s the one thing that will really bring us back to those precious moments. I’ve been told by so many people that the day passes so quickly, and before you’ve had a chance to even realize what’s happening – it’s over. So we wanted a wedding video to remember the special day by, and to capture the moments that we weren’t directly a part of. We want to see our Khayangan Estate Wedding from another point of view.

What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc

David works in Finance, he is an investment banker who spends 90% of his life in the office, on the road, on his blackberry or laptop. He barely has time to himself.

When we do have time together in Hong Kong (where we live), we are always looking for new restaurants to try. Every 13th day of the month we set a date night to try somewhere new. We love to travel, near or far. Tiff left on a four month backpacking trip after she left banking and David joined her for a month at the end. We always wish we could travel more – the last trip was a long weekend in Oman where we stayed in a desert camp for fun.

Why did you pick us to create your wedding film in Austria ?

It’s really important to us to have a wedding videographer who is easy to work with. We wanted someone who understands how to capture a mood with a camera – and looking through your portfolio, we knew you’d be up for the task. We loved the personal feel to your past wedding videos and knew you would be perfect for our Khayangan Estate Wedding.

The proposal? …Tell me everything (all the gushy details)

Happened on our third anniversary the night before we were headed on a ski trip in Niseko, Japan. David had plans to propose a top a mountain. But the last time we skiied he tore his MCL, and ended up bed ridden for half the trip. He decided he’d better propose before the trip instead. Except nothing really according to plan.

Tiff always prided herself in being able to tell when David was hiding something. David was never a good liar. But on that day, he out did himself – not letting anything on. We had an anniversary dinner planned and took an uber to the restaurant. Tiff had her wallet in an other belongings in a paper bag, which David carried onto the car. David asked whether Tiff wanted to take the cross harbour ferry back home after dinner, to enjoy the view.

Tiff complained that it was too cold. David asked whether Tiff wanted to take a ride in the ferris wheel after dinner instead. Tiff complained she needed to go home early to pack for their early flight the next day. Tiff was incredibly un-cooperative. On top of that, it was only until mid way through dinner that we had realized that David left Tiff’s bag on the car.

We spent the next hour calling and panicking since the wallet had Tiff’s ID card which we needed for travelling the next day. Needless to say romance wasn’t at the top of our minds. Luckily we were able to locate the driver and David retrieved my belongings and the dinner could continue.

Tiff sniffed something was up by dessert. Tiff has a serious sweet tooth. So when the waiters asked if they should bring dessert, and David promptly replied “No!” before Tiff had a chance to speak. She knew something was up. He would never stop her from filling herself with sugar.

The rest was a blur, before she new it, David was on his knees, and she had said ‘yes’.

A Wedding in Wachau in Austria. Why this wedding venue above anywhere else?

David’s top choice was Bali after he attended a friend’s Khayangan Estate Wedding a couple years back. So on a holiday trip last year we decided to check out wedding venues at the same time. We wanted somewhere private, where we wouldn’t be interrupted by strangers. While we love sunshine and sea, Tiff hates sand, so beaches were out of the question. Khayangan estate fit the bill across the board, a private villa sitting a top a cliff over looking the ocean.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

We want them to feel relaxed and have fun. We hate stuffy, quiet, formal events. It’s all about laughter and fun!